Field Notes: Signature (and bonus Heartbeat)

Valentine’s Day was last week. Field Notes decided to celebrate the fact that it fell on a Wednesday by sending out a free 2-pack of Heartbeat, a new limited edition notebook, with every order. They also released the new Signature notebook, which is made in the style of their popular Dime Novel.

When I saw the Instagram post, and subsequently their Wednesday newsletter, I was really excited. I really enjoy the way Dime Novel feels in my hands, so I was excited for a more permanent version of them. I was sold the moment I saw that the Signature is offered in a ruled format. And of course, who doesn’t love getting free things as well. So I made a somewhat impulse purchase and got it by Saturday.

Aside from the Heartbeat 2-pk, they also sent two 2018 2-sided calendars and a Heartbeat version of their pencil. Not sure if they meant to send two copies of their calendar but hey, I’ll take it!

Initial Thoughts:

Both the outside and inside cover colors for the Heartbeat collection are much duller in real life than I expected. I guess after Resolution, maybe they didn’t want/need another edition that was so vibrant. It gives me a more muted Valentine’s Day vibe. The inside cover is a muted yellow, close to the cover of the Signature but with a hint more yellow. I’m not a huge fan of the color combo but I can see a lot of other people liking it.

As for the Signature, even though the cover isn’t that vibrant, I think it’s a great color for something that’s going to be part of their standard collection. The unruled version comes in a light grey but I wish they made the lined in both colors so that I could get one of each color. I’m not a huge fan of unruled notebooks; I’ve tried but my handwriting just changes too much in terms of style and size. Two unruled Dime Novels are enough for me.

Anyways, did you guys get either the Heartbeat or the Signature editions? What do you think?

One thought on “Field Notes: Signature (and bonus Heartbeat)

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  1. Just received my heartbeat order today. Definitely a little duller, but I like the vintage-y feel. There’s these valentines stickers it reminds me of. Interested in trying the signature notebook soon!


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