Prettiest Pastries You’ve Ever Seen


I attempted to make croissants this weekend. And as you can see, they ended up looking gorgeous. Something you’d see in a food magazine that would cause your mouth to water immediately. Hahaha.

To be honest, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I decided I would be making them this weekend. I had a recipe saved as a tab on my phone for the past two-ish months. I finally decided that it was time to make them since it was Simon birthday weekend and it’s one of the foods he likes.

When I read over my originally saved recipe, I realized just how much work it was. I was wondering if I could be lazy and find an easier recipe so did some searching on YouTube. One of the top results is a video by FoodWishes, an account that I’ve been subscribed to since at least 2011 but hadn’t watched in a long time. His version of the chocolate croissant required the same amount of work but I decided to use it just because I like his videos.

In case you want to also make chocolate croissants, Chef John’s recipe is broken into too parts: regular croissant recipe which tells you how to make the dough, and then the chocolate croissant recipe, which tells you how to cut and assemble to get the chocolate version.

I had a lot of fun making these even if they weren’t so pretty. To my defense, I don’t have a rolling pin yet so I was using a bottle of wine to roll out the dough. It actually worked pretty well this time (compared to when I tried making udon)! The only downside was that it took a bit longer and I didn’t get the layers as thin as I wanted. It was getting pretty late by the time I did my last roll out; I should have made the dough thinner and longer to keep them from unrolling. The dough was also starting to pull away from the bottom so the bottom got a little bit burnt.

Nevertheless, they tasted decent. I’m going to attempt this again soon because I saved half of the dough. I also ordered a rolling pin from Amazon so I’m hoping they’ll turn out better next time. Wish my luck!

And just so it’s not just a page with an ugly picture plus writing, here is the ramen I had for Simon’s birthday dinner with our friends.

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