Consistency, Not Perfection

One of the biggest barriers I faced with the last blog I attempted was being able to post consistently. I would write those first few posts, set them to publish on a schedule that I thought I could keep, and then it would go downhill after that. Now, it wasn’t that I didn’t have any material to write. I had anywhere between 5-10 drafts at a time, however, many only had a title and/or a bullet list of what I wanted to write about. Those drafts never materialized into full posts. But in order for me to even attempt to make this blog successful, I have to be honest with myself on what I need to improve.

And so why did those ideas never go anywhere beyond my draft graveyard?

I blame it mostly on my need for perfection (although I will admit, some of it was due to laziness too). I was raised to be a perfectionist. I have a very vivid memory of my mom helping me with an assignment when I was younger. It wasn’t for art but we had to draw a picture, perhaps it was for English/Core or something. I don’t know why but I said to her “it doesn’t have to be perfect. There’s no such thing as perfect”. To which she responded with something along the lines of ‘we should at least try to be close to perfect”.

I would put off writing full blog posts because I didn’t want to put out a less-than-perfect product. I knew that even if I put in the time to write those posts out, they wouldn’t be anywhere as good as all the other bloggers I liked to read. I knew that it wouldn’t be close to my idea of perfect. So I put it off. And put it off. Until it got to the point where the old blog was pretty much considered dead.

That is not what I want for this blog. So I am giving myself permission to publish less-than-perfect posts. I am setting the goal of writing consistently, instead of focusing on how good my writing compares to other bloggers. Yes, I am hoping that I will slowly improve the more I write. But I’m not holding my breath.

The picture above is from the last stop in the Walt Disney Concert Hall’s audio tour. While the whole facility is gorgeous, there was just something about this view that left a huge impression. Sort of related to my post, sort of not.

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