Celebrating Our 9 Year Anniversary

Simon and I celebrated our 9 year (dating) anniversary last month! I normally get him a more cutesy/lovey dovey type of cards. But this year, we both (unknowingly) got each other sillier cards.

Our anniversary was a weekday this year and normally, we would’ve celebrated on the weekend. This year, we were discussing maybe taking a short trip to Portland instead. We started talking about it pretty late though, and then I found out my boss was taking a 2 week vacation starting that same week. So we just decided to take a mid-week day off instead.

Our next plan was to spend a few hours at the Chabot Space and Science Center, followed by a hike at Redwood Regional Park, then a lobster dinner at home. But the night prior to our day off, Simon made the comment that Chabot is more geared towards kids and that it might not be that exciting. He made it seem like he didn’t particularly look forward to going to Chabot so we changed plans and ended up going to the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

It turned out to be a great choice; we both had fun and spent pretty much the entire day there. We were there from ~11am to 5pm but we didn’t get to see everything.

Waiting for BART and trying to get better at taking pictures of me day.

A game where two people rate someone they both know on a series of traits. You then compare how similarly you view that person. We rated one of our really close guy friends and it was pretty similar for the most part.

The only picture that Simon took of me. It didn’t turn out that great but he didn’t even bother to check at that time. No Instagram-boyfriend/husband skills. -.-

To save time, we had lunch at their cafeteria. I got this delicious poke bowl. Simon and I both agreed that this was probably some of the best museum food that we’ve had.

Willing trying to attract some mosquitoes. They tend to love me but surprisingly didn’t react when I put my hand towards the opening. Hopefully this means that I’ve grown out of whatever genes they liked in my blood!

Little mice. This was a small exhibit that talked about how studying other species helped us learn so much more about the human body.

Since we didn’t get to see that ‘infinity mirrors’ room in LA, I wanted to get a picture of use in this small kaleidoscope. I didn’t look at the right mirror though. Whoops… Haha.

After the Exploratorium, we stopped by Philz Coffee because we were both thirsty. This was only our second time at a Philz. We got the popular mint mojito again, because it’s the only coffee beverage that I’ve ever actually liked. The first time, I thought it was a tad bit too sweet. So Simon suggested that we ask for medium sweetness. I agreed to try it but turns out, the extra sweetness was really needed to mask the coffee flavor that I don’t like. I couldn’t take more than a handful of sips this time. Oh well. You have to try new things to figure out what you like.

Since we spent so much time at the museum, we had no time left over to hike. I was a bit bummed since we’ve barely hiked this year. But hey, we live close to so many great parks and trails which means there’s always next time. This also gave us more time to cook and enjoy our dinner.

My lobster from our lobster dinner. We ordered the Captain’s Feast from Maine Lobster Direct (not a sponsor; I wish). My coworker highly recommended it so I was curious and wanted to give it a try. This was also the first time Simon and I had cooked lobster by ourselves. The meal comes with an instruction booklet and the lobsters turned out AMAZING! The meal also came with cocktail shrimp, soup, and cheesecake. And because of a promotion, we were able to try both their soups. Simon and I were both meh on the shrimp and soups. Definitely recommend the lobster though!

Well, enough rambling. Do you celebrate your anniversaries with your SO’s? If so, do you do something different every year or do you have annual traditions?

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  1. Such a wonderful jam packed way of making the most out of celebrating your Anniversary! Happy anniversary! I think it’s great that y’all planned a special day together! My husband and I never celebrated our anniversary when we were dating and now that we have been married (going on 3 years) we still haven’t had the chance to plan something because of our in vitro journey. This year hopefully (3rd times the charm) we will get to spend our anniversary celebrating together with our baby, too!

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