A Day in the Strawberry Fields

It’s strawberry season! Simon and I drove to Brentwood this past weekend to visit a U-Pick farm called Chan’s Fruit Stand. We found the farm through Harvest Time in Brentwood, a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring awareness to the agricultural business in Brentwood. I’m not affiliated with them but I’ve been following their Facebook page for a few years so I don’t have to search too hard for open U-Pick farms.

We chose the perfect day to visit. The weather was slightly cool; perfect for a couple hours out in the fields. There were a fair number of people. But the strawberries were bountiful so we didn’t have to share an area with anyone.

Look at how gorgeous these are!

My favorite heart-shaped strawberry.

We had to exercise a lot of self-restraint in order to only pick 1 box. I would’ve picked a whole second box by myself if I knew I could’ve eaten them all.

(I hope these pictures aren’t too poor quality. Simon took them on his new phone which takes awesome pictures but I sent them to myself through text so some of the quality was lost).

Have you guys gone strawberry picking or fruit picking in general?

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Strawberry Fields

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  1. I would love to pick strawberries! It looks like ya’ll had a great time! There is a strawberry patch somewhere close to my house and I would love to take my son there one day soon. Thanks for sharing!

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