Finding Nature in an Unexpected Place

After my volunteer shift at Cat Town a couple of weekends ago, I found myself with a very open schedule. Normally after a morning shift, I would go home and have lunch with Simon. But he actually had his own volunteering event that day, which meant that I was free to do literally whatever I wanted. At least for a couple of hours.

At first, I was very indecisive about what I wanted to do. I hung around a little at the cafe and just chilled with the cats. Eventually, I decided to walk a couple blocks north to have lunch at one of my favorite sushi places. As I was walking, I happened to look down one of the cross streets I was on and noticed an area with some big trees and what seemed to be a lot of greenery. I made a mental note to check it out after lunch.

I arrived at the sushi place and splurged a bit on a nice solo lunch. I can get a tad bit self conscious when eating lunch by myself but to be honest, I love sushi way too much to let that stop me. And since it was almost 1pm at that point, there weren’t too many other customers.

Anyways. After lunch, I went to check out that patch of green. It turned out to be a little creek thing that’s so small Google didn’t even deem it worthy to put on Google Maps. It was really nice though, and unexpected!

Cute stairs that almost made it seem like a different neighborhood.

And I even saw cat!

Random house I thought was cute.

Do you guys like to randomly explore residential neighborhoods when you have free time by yourselves?

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