Cherry Picking Time!

I’m finally back with a long overdue post. The week after Simon and I went strawberry picking, I went back up to Brentwood to take my mom cherry picking. It’s one of her favorite fruits so we went as an early mother’s day outing.

I chose G&S Farms because it was one of the very few places open this weekend with u-pick cherries. We were pretty disappointed at first. We spent 20 minutes looking around but saw very few cherries. This was their first weekend so either the open section didn’t have that many cherries or they had way more people than expected.

We did happen upon this birds’ nest where a baby bird had pretty freshly hatched. They were pretty close to the ground so hopefully they did okay.

Luckily, one of the employees saw our disappointed faces when he walked by. He asked if we had any luck and when we told him that we had barely seen any cherries, he took us and one other group to a closed off section of the farm.

Since this weekend was their first open weekend of the season, this new section looked to be untouched by guests. There were so many gorgeous cherries here; we probably could have filled an entire bucket with just one or two trees. By the time we were done picking, they had brought several more groups of guests to this section.

Overall, it was a pretty successful visit. Not being able to find good cherries at the beginning definitely made us appreciate the cherries in the second section much more. Can’t wait until next cherry picking season!

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