Wedding Caterer Tasting

Pesto Crusted Salmon w/ Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Veggies

It’s already February, which means only 7 more months until the wedding! Please excuse the poor quality picture but I wanted to share this part of the process. Besides picking out the venue, doing the caterer tasting has definitely been our favorite part so far. Our venue limits us to only one vendor, which I actually liked more because there’s an overwhelming amount of options out there. So the only thing we really needed to do (well, besides dealing with the contract), was to decide what we were interested in having and then tasting it.

The tasting itself was pretty intimate, which I didn’t expect. We were in a private room with a table set up how it could potentially look on the day of the wedding. Our main point of contact for the catering company is the Wedding Sales Manager. This was our first meeting her, who was really nice and introduced us to Cupcake’s Prosecco. I don’t normally enjoy prosecco but Cupcake’s was surprisingly light bodied without being weak. I tried looking for it today when I had to stop by the store but they only have some of their other wines. Someone remind me to pick a bottle up next time, please!

Anyways, back to the tasting. We ate a ton of food because everything was served in full size portions. We enjoyed almost everything that we tasted, aside from the quinoa cakes that were oddly sweet. I won’t go into too much detail about how everything tasted, because everything that we tasted was made just for our individual tasting. So I’m completely expecting the food to be slightly different on the day of, even if it’s just because it will be hot-held prior to dinner service. I’m not worried that it will be bad but just trying to keep realistic expectations. Especially because Simon originally thought that wedding food had a reputation of being amazing (no idea where he heard that).

What was your most memorable wedding food experience (either good or bad)?

The oddly sweet quinoa cake
Some of the appetizers
Pasta w/ a Tomato & Mushroom Cream Sauce

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