Portland Anniversary Trip 2019 – Day 0.5 & 1

Back in March, Simon and I celebrated our ten (10!) year anniversary by heading up to Portland. I have so many pictures I was to share so I’m splitting these posts by day. I’m also trying out uploading my pictures in a smaller size to save myself time on manually adjusting the size of each picture, so hopefully the quality will still be decent.

The picture above is from one of the hallways at Oakland International Airpot. We were leaving such nice weather and heading to Portland where it was supposed to by rainy the next day.

Our flight didn’t get in until 7pm so first stop after picking up our rental car was dinner. We headed to Pok Pok Noi, one of the popular restaurants in Portland, for dinner. I really wanted to order the half/whole chicken because that’s one of the popular dishes. Unfortunately, they were out of that dish for the day so we had to settle for some of their lesser known.

I got the Khanom jeen nam ya, a coconut curry dish with rice noodles that was on the Specials menu. Simon got the Khao Soi Neua, which is a beef version of the traditional Khao Soi. We were going to order the wings as well but decided to wait until we finished our entrées to see if we have room left in our stomachs. We haven’t stopped by our Airbnb yet didn’t know if we would have a fridge and a microwave for leftovers. The entrées ended up being really filling so we left without getting the wings.

I only got 2 pictures of the Airbnb. We got there pretty late so lighting was bad and by the time morning came, it was too messy to take more pictures. Haha.

I really enjoyed our Airbnb. I would say it’s #2 out of all the Airbnbs that I’ve stayed at so far. Coincidentally, my all time favorite one also utilized a grey, yellow, and white color scheme. Yellow just brightens everything up, although I’ve never actually considered using yellow in our own home.
Cat outside of the Airbnb. I’m not sure whose cat this was. the Airbnb owners have 2 cats of their own that are indoor/outdoor but this one seemed to not be part of the pack.

We stopped by Kainos Coffee for breakfast. I love this fun wall! The food menu was on the smaller size so we both ended up getting sugar-laden pastry items. Definitely not the best option before a day of hiking but hey, we were on vacation.

First stop was Multnomah Falls plus some hiking on the Larch Mountain Trail:

Lunch at the Multonam Falls Lodge

Wahkeena Falls
Latourell Falls

Vista House

One of our favorite meals: a lamb pappardelle dish from a ‘food pod’ called Gumba

Simon’s post-dinner treat: Great Nation beer
And my post-dinner treat: Townshend tea

We also decided to stop by Pok Pok again because we didn’t want to leave Portland without trying their chicken! They were yummy but a tad bit too salty.

Is this too many pictures? Would it be better to post fewer pictures with more description? Or more pictures with less description?

Check out part 2: Portland Anniversary Trip 2019 – Day 2 (Tom McCall Park)

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