Portland Anniversary Trip 2019 – Day 2 (Tom McCall Park)

Today, I’m sharing my 2nd post in my Portland Trip series. My first post was a bit too intense/dense so I’m going to change things up a little this time. Instead of sharing everything that we did and ate, I’m just going to focus on one aspect of Day 2: Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

We chose to come here because it’s a popular attraction and also because I long walking along waterways. The weather was amazing, especially after the on-and-off rain we had the night before.

There was a huge bush (multiple bushes?) of these gorgeous flowers that I just had to take a picture of them.

Loved these cute storefronts but none of the businesses actually interested us.

If Simon wasn’t an engineer, I probably wouldn’t care as much about bridges. The ones that we saw in Portland were pretty nice to look at, even if you’re not that interested in them.

Cherry blossom trees in bloom! We totally didn’t expect to this. There were so many people crowded around the trees in order to get those Insta-worthy shots.

Another cool bridge. This one has some interesting facts/history abut it but none that I remember. Haha.

Thanks for reading part 2! I’m still trying to find my blogging voice/style/rhythm but I haven’t given up yet… Check out part 1 here: Portland Anniversary Trip 2019 – Day 0.5 & 1

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