Happy (belated) New Year! Hope you had a good 2018. And if you didn't, hope 2019 is 10x better! I was going to start the year off with a post about my goals for 2019, mainly focusing on how I wanted to feel and what I wanted to experience. But dang, it's be a rough... Continue Reading →

Finishing 2018 Strong

I can't believe that there are only a few more days left of 2018. The past few days have found me wanting to finish the year strong. Is anyone else feeling that too? And as we head into the very last weekend, I have unfortunately also found myself unable to fall asleep. Which means it's... Continue Reading →

Cherry Picking Time!

I'm finally back with a long overdue post. The week after Simon and I went strawberry picking, I went back up to Brentwood to take my mom cherry picking. It's one of her favorite fruits so we went as an early mother's day outing. I chose G&S Farms because it was one of the very... Continue Reading →

Finding Nature in an Unexpected Place

After my volunteer shift at Cat Town a couple of weekends ago, I found myself with a very open schedule. Normally after a morning shift, I would go home and have lunch with Simon. But he actually had his own volunteering event that day, which meant that I was free to do literally whatever I... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Our 9 Year Anniversary

Simon and I celebrated our 9 year (dating) anniversary last month! I normally get him a more cutesy/lovey dovey type of cards. But this year, we both (unknowingly) got each other sillier cards. Our anniversary was a weekday this year and normally, we would've celebrated on the weekend. This year, we were discussing maybe taking... Continue Reading →

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